Women's jeans

Authentic by nature, denim is a fabric with a thousand souls. Jeans, jackets, dresses and skirts in many washes and trendy models: find the perfect one to dress yours.

Jeans are far more than just an item of clothing; they are an icon. Born as workwear, thanks to their innate strength and character, jeans have now become a universal cult classic; timeless, beyond race, nationality, and political or social status, suitable for all women and worn by them all. / Jeans were the “uniform” of the American rebels in the 1950s, the symbol of the counterculture in the Sixties and Seventies, from the hippie movement to the rock culture, and then the must-have of the 1980s pop culture and the haunted grunge idols of the nineties. Sexy, yet practical and versatile: these are just some of the characteristics that make jeans a kind of second skin; a garment that no woman can live without. / Every woman has a fit that best enhances her body, a model that expresses her style, a wash that enhances her personality, or that best suits the occasion or time of day. And jeans also have that extraordinary ability to change over time, showing signs of wear that recount their history, thereby enhancing their beauty and uniqueness. / Today, women’s fits embrace totally new silhouettes. Heavyweight fabrics with a “real” look are shifting the emphasis from super skinny models made with ultra-stretch fabrics {link to https://www.gasjeans.com/it_it/denim/denim-donna/jeans-skinny-superslim.html} to boyfriend models {link to https://www.gasjeans.com/it_it/denim/denim-donna/boyfriend.html} and highly fashionable new fits which accentuate femininity, but in a modern and unconventional way. The waist line has moved upwards, accentuating the hips; the pockets are smaller and face outwards; the crotch curves into the lower part of the back, highlighting the buttocks. Whether straight or palazzo, there is a variety of leg lengths: crop, mid-crop with a raw-cut edge, or extra-long, to be worn with large turn-ups. The same model can therefore offer a variety of looks, giving a new meaning to today’s must-have: make what you wear unique and personal.