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about us

Jeanswear is a way of being even more than a choice of look!



The company was launched at the beginning of the Seventies out of the passion and creativity of Claudio Grotto in the heart of North-East Italy. Grotto Group has been designing, manufacturing and distributing men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, footwear and accessories collections with the GAS brand for 30 years. GAS’ core business is denim, the element around which quality products revolve, products that meet the needs of the intelligent, aware, international, cosmopolitan consumer.

Contemporary clothing that goes beyond the fashions of the moment to express the wearer’s individuality on all occasions. Today, Grotto S.p.A. is an international company, determined to further expand its presence abroad, particularly in Europe and the Far East.

GAS proposes a versatile and functional total look, able to express a recognizable style made of quality and details.

The artisanal room, an actual research and development centre, is a place where all production processes are tried out “in vitro”. A meeting place for creativity and GAS’s history as a manufacturer, where highly innovative products with extraordinary practical and aesthetic potential are developed.