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down jackets

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down jackets
down jackets

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Warmth and style all winter long! Down jackets with real or faux feathers, a vast and varied range of padded jackets differing in price, function and look: from shimmering died fabric, to heat-sealed in the collection colours with contrasting reversible linings, through to the Leonardo project a real technology concentration. Using the revolutionary bicomfort construction technique without any stitching, the fabric used for Leonardo down jackets guarantees total seal against feathers getting out and unique freedom of movement. The padding is ultralight feathers, the sleeve logo in the same colour, with a wide and sophisticated colour range and the special labelling make this garment even more exclusive. The military inspired look is recalled in the materials, details and manufacturing but also made ironic by unusual details, such as the cloth sleeves on the bombers and double hoods on the parkas.