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They sing. They dance. They play. They create. They show us to the secret corners of Paris. Each nurtures his or her own dreams, fears, ideas and passions. They all share a desire to express themselves, choose an unusual point of view and stay true to what they really are: uncommon people

Read Nuria story

“Photography is the only thing that allows me to concentrate completely. It makes me feel good”.

It’s always been my dream to find myself on another planet”, says Nuria, “Photography allowed me to make it come true”. After learning the tricks of the trade from the great professionals she posed for as a model, Nuria began a bizarre project – to photograph the strangest places on Earth, from the lunar landscapes of Lanzarote to the Mars-like Death Valley desert in the USA.

In Paris, Nuria buys a roll of film from one of République’s historic photography shops. An hour later, she goes into  Espaces d’Abraxas, an architectural complex designed in the Seventies by Ricardo Bofill, Catalan like her. As she wanders along the bridges and stairways of this concrete spaceship, Nuria pulls out her camera and shoots, and it is as if she has been magically teleported to another place in another time, where gravity and worries don’t exist.