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#uncommonpeople - Angele


They sing. They dance. They play. They create. They show us to the secret corners of Paris. Each nurtures his or her own dreams, fears, ideas and passions. They all share a desire to express themselves, choose an unusual point of view and stay true to what they really are: uncommon people

Read Angèle story

“I love to dance. When I dance I feel as if I were drunk, I feel a special energy around me”.

Seen from above, Pigalle is like a back to front village. During the day, people stay indoors to study or work, but when night comes, the yellow, red and purple neon lights of  Boulevard de Clichy come on, and the doors of buildings open to welcome whoever wants to party.  Like Angèle, who puts down the book she was reading and goes to look for her friends.

Angèle doesn’t care what music she dances to.  What matters is letting her hair down, losing herself in the rhythm and becoming infected by the energy of her favourite club the Carmen, as wonderfully decadent as Paris of another age. "While I dance I think about all the people who have come through here, all the secrets these walls hold and which may never be revealed".

And it’s dance, dance, dance as long as her legs resist, until the sun comes up.