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Remember that Gas Jeans will not change the products, only refund the cost of the returned garments.

If the above terms are all respected, Gas Jeans will refund the full price for the purchased products or, if you prefer, will give you a “credit” that you can use in our website for your next purchase.

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Dispatch method and costs

The shipping fees for the return are at the expenses of Gas Jeans only for orders from Italy, Spain, Germany, France.

Returns will be sent to the following address:

- Grotto S.p.A. –
presso Avior Soc. Coop
Via Ponte dei Granatieri, 6
36010 Chiuppano (VI)

Refusal to accept the returns by Gas Jeans

In the event the terms listed above are not respected, or if the returned products are damaged or have been used, Gas Jeans reserves the right to refuse the return. In this case, you may decide to receive the purchased products back, but the dispatch costs will be your responsibility. You will not be able to refuse to accept the consignment.

Send your return from the country in which you placed the order. We will not accept the returns from the different countries.

Refund time

The full refund for the products will be made within 30 days at latest from the date the returns have been received. The time for the refund could vary depending on the payment method you used, to be precise:

  • Credit card: the technical time for receiving the refund depends on the bank that issued your card. The value credit date will be the same as the debit date.
  • PayPal: the refund will be made directly to your PayPal account and you will see it after a couple of days. PayPal will send you a notification of the refund.
  • Cash on delivery: you must have a bank account to be able to receive the refund. Our Customer Care department will contact you to define the details for refunding you with the amount due.