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#uncommonpeople - Ines


They sing. They dance. They play. They create. They show us to the secret corners of Paris. Each nurtures his or her own dreams, fears, ideas and passions. They all share a desire to express themselves, choose an unusual point of view and stay true to what they really are: uncommon people

Read Ines story

“I sing instinctively, because I like it, but it’s tremendously hard to do it in public”.

Tall and slim, with a head of curly hair that’s always falling over her eyes, it’s hard not to notice Ines as she walks along the banks of Canal Saint-Martin.

Of Spanish and Guadeloupean parentage, Ines lives in Pantin, a small town just outside Paris, but as soon as she can, she comes into the city with her friends, like Marie who she met at a volleyball camp. "We talk about what’s happened during the week, our love lives, about everything and nothing. We laugh a lot."

Ines has a pure, clear voice, and when she’s alone she likes to sing things she’s heard on television or YouTube. With a bit of courage and a bit of practice, she also succeeds in doing it in public, and then passers-by have another reason to turn around as she goes past.