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For orders associated to promotions with coupons/discount vouchers, shipping times may be increased up to 4 extra days.

Covid-19 health emergency

Covid-19 health emergency due to the current health emergency, deliveries (both standard and express) and orders collection have been suspended in the following postal codes: 0402, 40059, 64030, 64031, 64033, 64034, 64035, 65010, 83031, 84036, 84035, 86016,87038, 87054, 87056, 89064, 08700, 08710, 08711, 08712, 08788, 3880000, 3889999, 3885000, 388599. In the other areas, delivery and return services may be delayed. If you have any doubts, our customer care is available to answer any type of questions now more than ever. We apologize for the inconvenience, we are working for you!

Custom Taxes

The customer is responsible for the payment of customs taxes and the amount is calculated according to the law applicable in the country where goods are sent. 
We don’t  know the amount of customs taxes that will be communicated to you by the carrier after the goods have reached their destination. 
In the event that the taxes are not paid and the shipment is refused or abandoned as a result, the shipment expenses and the customs taxes will be deduced from the total amount of the order and only the difference will be reimbursed.