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Denim is much more than just a fabric. It is a custom, a lifestyle, a material with a thousand souls and faces. Universal, timeless and chameleonic, the expression of energy and freedom and a must in the wardrobe of men of any age, culture and social background. Symbol of a modern and rather rebellious lifestyle, denim is part of everyone’s life to enhance the personality of the wearer on any occasion. It is the fabric that each of our stories can be drawn on. Denim is GAS’S DNA. Its past and future. The relationship between GAS and denim cannot be broken. Since 1984 a unique balance of creativity, research, industrial know-how and entirely Italian craftsmanship, GAS tells the story of the changes, evolutions and innovations. Jeans in Denim obviously, but also shirts, jackets and much more. No one denim is the same as another, each garment has its own story. The focus is on quality and scrupulous care paid to each detail. Attentive to the latest trends, carefully selected fabrics, research into fit, and the latest treatments and washes, selected sewing thread, rivets, buttons, labels… these are just some of the ingredients that are expertly measured out to give that authentic, lived in air that makes each denim garment a unique masterpiece.