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#uncommonpeople - Lucas


They sing. They dance. They play. They create. They show us to the secret corners of Paris. Each nurtures his or her own dreams, fears, ideas and passions. They all share a desire to express themselves, choose an unusual point of view and stay true to what they really are: uncommon people

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“I feel free when I play the guitar in the street. Free to play, to sing, and to live”.

He writes, plays music, travels and loves. Lucas, the balladeer of Montmartre, still lives as the great Parisian poets did. The face of a charmer and his guitar always in his hand – "My father gave it to me when I was a kid. It’s as if it were my child".

Lucas comes from a family of nomads, and wanderlust is in his blood. Places, people, flavours, Lucas is curious about everything. This is where he comes back to at the end of every journey, though, to his lair full of records and photographs, close to the steps of Sacre Coeur.

Back to the arms of his Marie. Together they design tattoos, talk of love and dream of possible and impossible futures. And the strings of his guitar stop vibrating.

But it’s just a matter of minutes, and then his gypsy blues re-echo in the alleys of Montmartre.