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denim shirts

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denim shirts
denim shirts
  • KANT S/S A201 KANT S/S A201 30%

    KANT S/S A201

    Men’s Denim Shirt

    Regular Price: ₹6,990.00

    Special Price ₹4,893.00


    KANT WY99

    Men’s Stretch Denim Shirt

  • KANT X 0001 KANT X 0001 30%

    KANT X 0001

    Men’s Denim Shirt

    Regular Price: ₹5,000.00

    Special Price ₹3,500.00

  • KANT X WX91 KANT X WX91 30%

    KANT X WX91

    Men’s Denim Shirt

    Regular Price: ₹8,990.00

    Special Price ₹6,293.00

  • MOHR NECK/S A203 MOHR NECK/S A203 30%

    MOHR NECK/S A203

    Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt

    Regular Price: ₹6,990.00

    Special Price ₹4,893.00

Denim shirts are an evergreen but also continuously evolving. A must have in the wardrobe of stylish icons of the past and present, a denim shirt is the garment that best expresses the strong, rebellious nature of GAS. Light colour with small tears and handmade looking mends. Micro-pattern, tonal jacquard fabric. Medium shade with a delicate stonewash treatment to create light-dark contrasts. Brilliant indigo rubbed on the wear points for a real-used look. Denim fabric is perfectly lightened, worked or aged to reinvent a timeless garment every time.