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Bufanda de hombre

Precio regular: 35,90 €

Special Price 17,95 €

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MAURICE SCARF Gasjeans Bufanda de hombre gris
850272431884_2990 MAURICE In stock
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Bufanda de hombre
  • Color: gris
Composition: 40% Lana vírgen 30% Viscosa 20% Poliamída 10% Cachemira
SKU: #850272431884_2990
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Lavado a manoSin lejíaNo centrifugarPlanchar máx. 110°Lav. en seco P precauc.
  • Lavado a mano
  • Sin lejía
  • No centrifugar
  • Planchar máx. 110°
  • Lav. en seco P precauc.

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