GAS Spring/Summer 2024: “Keep it simple. Stay true. Stay real” Campaign

The new Gas Jeans campaign beyond mere slogan: a true manifesto expression in every garment of the Spring/Summer collection. Find out more.
Gas Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

In a fast-paced, ever-changing world, GAS's spring/summer 2024 collection invites us to take a step back to appreciate the beauty of simplicity. A simplicity that is to be interpreted as pure essence, far from being banal or obvious.
The campaign " Keep it simple. Stay true. Stay real" goes beyond the mere slogan, turning into a manifesto that finds expression in every single detail of the garments.

Authenticity Meets Style: A Tribute to the Roots of Denim

Denim has always been a symbol of durability and practicality, but GAS elevates it to an icon of authentic style. The SS24 collection celebrates this heritage with a "less is more" approach that highlights iconic garments, witnesses to a contemporary, unfiltered attitude. Renewal comes through updating best sellers, which maintain performance and comfort while enriching with innovative washes and  fabrics. This is the denim of the moment: timeless, versatile and intergenerational.

GAS Spring/Summer 2024 Denim

The Undisputed Charm of ESSENTIALS

GAS essentials for woman and man evolve this season to become an expression of the personality of the the wearer. Cutting-edge materials, relaxed styling, and a color palette that ranges from neutral neutral earth tones to the vibrant ones of summer. A mix that combines perfectly with details distinctive, such as the iconic GAS logo.

Gas Spring Summer 2024 Essentials

GAS' spring/summer 2024 collection is an invitation to rediscover the pleasure of simplicity, to to stay true to oneself. Keep it simple. Stay true. Stay real - with GAS.

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