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Denim is democratic and universal, going beyond race, nationality, status and even fashions, and can be worn by all women, in any situation. Nonconformist by nature, it is a fabric with a myriad of souls and facets, one that has passed through eras and trends as a form of expressing the strong, free and somewhat rebellious side that we all possess. Denim ages with adventure, with the life of the person who wears it. It is a fabric on which to write our stories. With each wash we move on to the next page. The link between denim and GAS is inseparable. It is an integral part of the brand’s identity, a fundamental pillar of its past and present. For over thirty years, GAS has contributed to the history of transformations and innovations. Jeans, obviously, but also skirts, dresses, shirts and accessories. Attention is focused as much on the latest trends as it is on the carefully selected fabrics, chosen specifically to improve fit and comfort, on research into lines that enhance the body, innovative treatments and washes, selvedge edges, sewing thread, rivets, buttons, labels… These are just some of the ingredients that are almost obsessively measured out to give each denim garment that authentic, lived-in look that makes it a unique, one-off masterpiece.