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#uncommonpeople - Merri


They sing. They dance. They play. They create. They show us to the secret corners of Paris. Each nurtures his or her own dreams, fears, ideas and passions. They all share a desire to express themselves, choose an unusual point of view and stay true to what they really are: uncommon people

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“The basis of all training sessions is repeating the same thing over and over again. It’s an extraordinary mental exercise”.

Cobbled streets and trendy nightspots, the arcades of Places des Vosges and the studios of artists from all over the world – the Marais is where historic Paris encounters the avant-garde.

It is also home to Merri, the quintessential Parisian. His family have lived here for generations, and Merri moves around the Marais as if it were his own back yard. "For years my life was spent almost entirely here, a stone’s throw from the Jewish quarter, between Rue de Renard and Boulevard Beaumarchais, where there’s a light I have never seen anywhere else".

When he feels like it, Merri grabs a basketball, leaves the house and dribbles the ball down to the court on Rue Charlemagne. If he feels like it, he’ll play a game. Otherwise he’ll practice shooting on his own. The swish of the ball as it goes into the basket is music to his ears.