You are GAS’ CEO. What’s the reason that convinced you to start this adventure?

Since the first encounter what really impressed me is the love that the Grotto family pours into the brand GAS and in its company. Their genuine passion is the expression of an authentic way of being.

Once you’ve started to work in the company what did you discover?

I was surprised by the quality of denim and by an enormous passion for the research. If I had to tell you what happens before finalizing a wash…


Why a consumer should choose to buy GAS?


I presume to affirm that our product has a price/quality ratio that cannot be ignored. Then, to make it simple, it looks good and it fits perfectly. Briefly, we believe we produce excellence and I like to highlight that GAS is one of the few Italian companies where denim is produced with the same standards of the most prestigious fashion houses.


What do you see in the future of the company?


We’ll build the future of the company on the solid basis of our heritage. Our history is our future. We’ll continue to be the brand where talent, emotion, creativity, quality and good sense will distinguish us. In these last years it’s not easy to be credible when speaking about expansion. We’ll rather focus on the perception of our uniqueness.