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Simple Blog

This is GAS

GAS’ founder has always been a sports enthusiast. Like in competitions, ...
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GAS adds to the marketing four Ps (Product, Price, Promotion, Place) a fifth o...
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Inside the house of GAS there’s a place where the brand’s creativi...
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Selvedge is one of the most rare and prized ingredients of denim. It is the co...
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From sociological research, from music to literature and the arts, a sensation...
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The heart of GAS pumps blue blood, the colour of the brand par excellence, fro...
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The mythic blue canvas – blue jeans, from the French bleu de Gênes...
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  Via Ponte dei Granatieri 4, Chiuppano (VI), is the house of GAS, situate...
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Jeanswear is a way of being even more than a choice of look
The GAS brand was born in 1984 as an acronym of Grotto Abbigliamento Sportivo ...
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