The Gas Woman for the next A/W alternates a rock and biker style to more feminine, boho and preppy outfits, mixing different influences and giving to every garment a personal and brand new touch.


Leather is the material which links the whole collection, used not only to create the memorable leather jacket Merida, but also the 5 pockets trousers, the mini bustier quilted dress, the mini skirt and the leggings.

The importance given to materials is shown in their great variety, constiting also in soft lapin fur coats, velvet, boiled wool, lace, georgette crepe, making the feminine-fierce ambivalence much more evident.


The colours chosen for this season are classic and demure, to perfectly complement the fabrics and the bold models, going from black to greys and white, from oxblood to green and mustard. These tonalities are accompanied by a wide range of prints and patterns, among which floral, animalier, jacquard and lace, only to name a few, making this collection complete and very diverse.

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