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Thanks to a patented technology, POP-UPJeans is the answer to the women’s most common dream: a compact toned bottom that defies the laws of gravity!

Created in the Gas research and development lab to bring a touch of magic to women's figures, POP-UP is the latest exciting evolution of the brand's best-seller: Sumatra, the second-skin effect jeggings that perfectly combine the look of denim and the comfort of leggings, designed to shape and enhance feminine curves, have now opened a new frontier to bring the magic of a perfect B-side to every woman who wears them.

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What it is Pop-up Jeans

Gas Pop-Up Jeans have a secret that adds volume where it’s needed. There is a trick and it’s plain to see – curves are full, feminine and harmonious. The magic touch of a full, round bottom that defies gravity.


How it works

HOW? With Pop-Up, the surprise factor. Two anatomical cups in non-allergic material to slip into two inside pockets situated above the buttocks to make them fuller. The cups, which come in different sizes according to the size of the jeans, are what give the edge to unique, totally innovative pants that really can give a C curve to the women’s bottom.