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30 years of fast attitude

We have been running for the last thirty years. We have sped up and we have slowed down. We have succeeded and we have outdone ourselves. We have fallen down and we have picked ourselves back up again. We have not stopped a second giving you the purest and most innovative denim, catalyzer of a timeless total look. This space is dedicated to all of you who have always been keeping up with us. Stop now. Enjoy the show. This is GAS.

This is our

Grit, dynamism, determination and a pinch of (lucid) folly are the values that have been crucial to overcoming the difficulties and achieving the successes that have marked GAS’s 30 years. A link between denim and the world of bikers, inseparable since the days of the legendary “rebels”.

An attitude that we also find in sport, especially in motorcycling, and whose riders are a constant source of inspiration. A relationship that has acquired a very special value for GAS during its long partnership with the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturer and its Repsol Honda MotoGP team, 2014 World Champions with the baby champ,
Marc Márquez.

If you face your lives with an inner inclination to the future too. If you were born fast too. If you feel you have an inner FAST ATTITUDE, get ready!

We will amaze, involve, award you! To know more, follow us on our Facebook Page. The 30 years celebration is about to start. Looking forward to see you!

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