GAS is the universe of denim. If it’s denim it’s GAS



 Tell us something about yourself


I have Yemeni origins but I was born in Israel, a Country that inspired me a lot for its modernity and its energy. The tailor’s shop that belonged to my grandfather and then to my father has been my family school. I remember my grandfather’s coal-iron… My vision of fashion was born from all the experiences of my childhood in Tel Aviv: the perfume of the sea, the silence of the desert, the freedom to express myself when I was a child, the tears, the pain…


How would you describe your creative formation?


My creative path has begun with my first painting lesson when I was eight. It continued when I was a boy exploring different forms of art, sculpture among them. Later I approached the world of fashion both in Israel and New York. My desire was to create a blend between plastic art and the emotion of a dress that brings life and movement. This is what fashion is to me. What has significantly conditioned my creative vision are the first fashion shows of the Japanese designers that I watched. Later, when I moved to New York and Paris, I had with them my first working experiences. This mix between my Israeli culture, the American marketing and the French creativity gave me the desire and the pleasure of working in contradictions. Mixing, contaminating, to find contemporary and modern aesthetic solutions. I found the fourth element in Italy. Moving here, I immersed myself in the artisanal and industrial culture… the magic encounter of research and the desire for beauty.


When did you fall in love with denim?


Denim is a raw material that has always seduced me because it’s versatile, timeless. It’s a material without frontiers of age, without social and economic boundaries, that expresses energy and a sense of freedom. It’s a raw material not only for clothing but of today’s society: a symbol for youth, for a rebel and modern lifestyle. It’s a material that takes part in everybody’s life: universal, timeless, eternally young.


What is your vision for the future of GAS? 


My vision for GAS is a whole world: GAS is the universe of denim. If it’s denim, it’s GAS. I’d like to start with a creative expression on the matter, the research on the variety of the forms, create a unique aesthetic language based on the contamination of denim. My objective now is to give my heart and my soul to build the GAS of the future. Bring my vision to something tangible that, at the same time, will become part of GAS’ DNA. Design a universal, versatile Denim, with a modern, fresh, assertive, contemporary style. Bring GAS to be a leader brand in the international panorama of Denim.